Servus Corporate Centre








Servus Credit Union made headlines when it bought the former Dell call centre located in the Edmonton Research Park. While the building would enable Servus to bring all its staff under one roof, it required a major overhaul to bring it into line with user needs and to reflect the Servus brand.

The basic design of the former Dell building was shared with an office building located in Oklahoma, making it unsuitable for Edmonton's climate. The concrete building had serious insulation and moisture management issues. As a result, Servus decided to undertake a development project with Manasc Isaac to dramatically change the building's appearance and to reduce its operational costs.


New cladding was designed to fit over the existing concrete and brick facade to increase the wall insulation to R30 from R10. A custom Visionwall® glazing system was developed to increase the insulative value of the windows to R8 from R1. The window system re-used the existing glazing allowing the windows to be upgraded quickly and cost effectively. These measures have brought the projected energy costs of the building down to an exceptional 0.75 GJ/sqm/year.

One of the most noticeable and welcome features was a large central light well that penetrated the building's core—from the roof right through to the ground floor—bringing much needed daylight into what was once a dark office interior.



For Servus, while the energy savings are welcome, there are also significant benefits that will come from the impact that the building will have in defining their image and staff satisfaction.

While energy savings contributed to their investment as follows:

Increased Wall Insulation 10%
Increased Window Insulation 5%
Large central light well 0%

The value to Servus derived mainly from having a modern light-filled office, that truly represented the progressive corporate culture. This benefit was to represent the most significant return on their investment and it was estimated that the cost of the redevelopment would pay back in just 5 years.