The Cambridge Lofts building is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Originally designed as an office building in 1968, the building was converted into condominiums around 2002. The Cambridge Lofts currently contain access to LRT on the lower level, a lobby and commercial space on the main floor, and 205 condominium units from the 3rd to 20th floors.

The team of building specialists at Manasc Isaac has done a reimagine feasibility study providing the condo association with customized strategies that would enable the building to function more efficiently. By reimagining various building systems, the Cambridge Lofts association will extend the life of building equipment, reduce heating and cooling loads, reduce their operating costs and ultimately, protect their investment. Owner occupiers would also benefit from better thermal comfort in their suites and would see a significant reduction in their individual energy costs.

Sustainable features are often wrongly perceived to be expensive add-ons to a building. Reimagine integrates sustainable strategies with thoughtful design solutions to rethink the building as a fluent whole, not a patchwork of newer parts. Investing in the suggested reimagine strategies will yield invaluable returns for the condo association and individual owners. Owners will reap the immediate benefit of reduced energy costs and when selling; a greener healthier building has a competitive advantage in the marketplace.