10909 Jasper Avenue

Originally built in the late 1970s, AE Plaza stands at the crossing of 109th St and Jasper Avenue, a key entryway into the downtown core. Since the former design no longer fulfilled the technical, aesthetic, and urban requirements for its owner, Manasc Isaac has reimagined AE Plaza to be more alluring as a visual impression, more sensible as a building system, and more suitable as a gateway to downtown. 

The design for Associated Engineering Plaza evolved through our ‘reimagine’ approach, a proven strategy that comprehensively addresses issues common to aging buildings. Much of the building’s envelope is replaced by higher-performing materials that admit more light, allowing energy-efficient climate control and a healthier working environment; the outdated mechanical and electrical systems are replaced such that the energy consumption would decrease by 40%; and the ground-level entrance and amenities are more gracefully articulated to bring a new open-air vitality to that urban corner.

The Associated Engineering Plaza occupies a prominent site in Edmonton.  As a gateway in and out of the downtown, this building offers the opportunity to re-define downtown Edmonton.  “Reimagine” is a design philosophy based on a triple bottom line - enhancing environmental, social/cultural and economic performance of buildings.  By reimagining this building, we aspire to improve the streetscape at the corner of 109 Street and Jasper, to enhance the work environment for building occupants and to make the building exterior more attractive to all Edmontonians and visitors.

The vision of the AE Plaza project is to create a dynamic urban precinct.  Combined with the residential Mayfair to the east, the Azure to the west and condominiums and boutiques to the south, Procura envisions the integration of places to work, places to live and ready access to public transportation.  Truly transit-oriented, this location has ready access to the river valley, bicycle routes and the tram to Old Strathcona.  Procura’s vision is to create an outstanding contemporary workplace that is sustainable and delightful, as well as being a good neighbour.  A new building wrapped over the skeletone of the old AE Plaza will add a dynamic new presence to the corner of Jasper and 109 Street.