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Eusebio Ungureanu

Architect, OAR


Eusebio is an enthusiastic and diligent Architect with the Bucharest studio, Latitudine53. He is skilled in multiple facets of a project, from concept creation to drawings to site visits. He especially enjoys the construction phase, as he loves to engage with the other members of a project team and to see a design come to life! 

In his practice, Eusebio values honesty and communication above all else. “Honesty is with yourself first; work needs to be more than just a checklist. And in architecture, communication and teamwork are necessary to turn a proposed concept into the final result.”

In the future, Eusebio is excited to explore “all of the different tracks that I want to follow!” “I like to stay flexible,” he says. “For now, I just need to make the right steps.

Outside of work, Eusebio loves cooking and has recently become interested in mixology. He even has a small garden with plants that he uses in his cocktails! In the future, he wants to make more time for his hobbies and, one day, to open his own restaurant or bar.