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Kishwar Habib

Intern Architect, AAA

Ph.D. MaHs. Urban Design, B.Arch. LEED® Green Associate

Kishwar is an Intern Architect at Reimagine and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta. She holds a Ph.D in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Leuven. Educated in Canada, Belgium, and Bangladesh, and with experience working in Europe as an Urban Designer and Registered Architect of Bangladesh, Kishwar is valued for the incredible depth and diversity of her practice and experience.

Bringing enthusiasm and passion into her everyday practices, Kishwar’s energy spills into her various roles as a lifelong learner, researcher, and architect. “I am inspired by the extraordinary in the everyday, and I love it all,” she says. 

Kishwar's work has been published in numerous academic, cultural and critical fora. In her architectural practice, she merges research and design and is guided by a core philosophy of inclusivity and sustainability. She practices ‘lived-in architecture’, which she defines as  the relationship between beauty, built forms, and human cultures, and the ways in which architecture can inspire users on a physical and emotional level. In the past, Kishwar has collaborated on various international architecture and urban design projects that integrate architecture with public space design and planning. “Design is beyond the building itself ,” she says. “It’s about the physical environment as an expression of culture and the way we live in it. I am driven by the desire to create sustainable and inclusive spaces that will have a long-term positive impact on a community.”

She looks forward to continuing her architectural practice with Reimagine and studying contextual design narratives that celebrate the story of people and learning more about user interface and the dynamic public realm. In her personal life, Kishwar enjoys travelling and experiencing unique cultures and ways of life.

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