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our team


picture of Mohammad Abtahi

Mohammad Abtahi

P. Eng, LEED AP BDC, Principal, Electrical Engineer

picture of Cess Aguilar

Cess Aguilar


picture of Gloria Alamrew

Gloria Alamrew

Creative Strategy Communications

picture of Marwa Alshara

Marwa Alshara

Project Architect, AAA, LEED® AP BDC, WELL AP

picture of Vee Beaudry

Vee Beaudry

Design Intern

picture of Isaac Benke

Isaac Benke

Electrical EIT

picture of Brennan Black

Brennan Black

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Claire Black

Claire Black

Specification Writer

picture of Trish Bolen

Trish Bolen

Contract Administrator / Quality & Sustainability Technologist

picture of Veronica Burch

Veronica Burch

Interior Designer

picture of Jeongdae Cho

Jeongdae Cho

Senior Architectural Technologist / Project Manager

picture of Nina Christianson

Nina Christianson

Project Coordinator, Designer

picture of Toni Chui

Toni Chui

Senior Interior Designer

picture of Garth Crump

Garth Crump

Principal, Project Manager, Technologist

picture of Bianca Dahlman

Bianca Dahlman

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Elizabeth Daniels

Elizabeth Daniels

Architect, AAA

picture of Mariam Djalili

Mariam Djalili

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Chandra Domes

Chandra Domes

Interior Designer

picture of Ping Dong

Ping Dong


picture of Dereje Eshete

Dereje Eshete

Project Manager

picture of Lindsay Farr

Lindsay Farr

Architect, AAA

picture of Theresa Faulder

Theresa Faulder


picture of Karamjit Grewal

Karamjit Grewal

Specifications Writer

picture of Kishwar Habib

Kishwar Habib

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Derek Heslop

Derek Heslop


picture of Roland Hoath

Roland Hoath

Post Construction/Occupancy Lead

picture of Brady Horner

Brady Horner

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Richard Isaac

Richard Isaac

Principal Architect AAA, AIBC, NWTAA, SAA, FRAIC

picture of Veronica Izmalli Hernandez Ibarra

Veronica Izmalli Hernandez Ibarra

Architect, AAA

picture of Michael J Turner

Michael J Turner

P.Eng., LEED®AP BDC, Principal

picture of Cody Jew

Cody Jew

Architect, AAA

picture of Yangyang Jiao

Yangyang Jiao

Intern Architect, AIBC

picture of Radhika Kumar

Radhika Kumar

Accounting Assistant

picture of Nikki Kutyn

Nikki Kutyn

Architectural Technologist

picture of Safira Lakhani

Safira Lakhani

Architect, AAA

picture of Brittany Letwin

Brittany Letwin

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Tara Lynn Blum

Tara Lynn Blum

Post-Construction Specialist

picture of Rob Maggay

Rob Maggay

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Vivian Manasc

Vivian Manasc

Founding Principal, Architect, AAA, AIBC, NWTAA, FRAIC, MBA, LEED AP, GCB.D

picture of Casandra Marin

Casandra Marin

P. Eng, Civil Engineer

picture of Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez

Interior Design Technologist

picture of Ana-Dora Matei

Ana-Dora Matei

Architect, OAR

picture of Erika McElhinney

Erika McElhinney

Interior Designer

picture of Kenton McKay

Kenton McKay

Communications Director

picture of Rita Melo Reuss

Rita Melo Reuss


picture of Rica Migrino

Rica Migrino

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller

Project Coordinator

picture of Alexis Mitchell

Alexis Mitchell

Interior Designer

picture of Kevin Mullin

Kevin Mullin

Principal Architect, AAA

picture of Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy


picture of Jordan Polanski

Jordan Polanski

Architect, AAA, AIBC

picture of Miguel Queponds

Miguel Queponds

Architect, AAA

picture of Ruben Rouw

Ruben Rouw

IT Design & Implementation

picture of Zsaridel Sagun

Zsaridel Sagun

Project Coordinator

picture of Tiffany Shaw

Tiffany Shaw

Architect, AAA, AIBC, MRAIC

picture of Vedran Škopac

Vedran Škopac

Principal Dipl.Ing.Arch. M.Arch.

picture of Andreea Stanica

Andreea Stanica

Architect, OAR

picture of Lena Stenhouse

Lena Stenhouse

Electrical Engineer

picture of Sam Stewart

Sam Stewart

Intern Architect AAA

picture of FangFang Su

FangFang Su

B. Arch. Designer / Technologist

picture of Linda Tiet

Linda Tiet

Proposal Writer/ Designer

picture of Rasha Timani

Rasha Timani

Project Coordinator, Intern Architect AAA

picture of Steve Vallerand

Steve Vallerand

Principal, Senior Architectural Technologist

picture of Carey van der Zalm

Carey van der Zalm

Architect, AAA

picture of Amanda VanderZee

Amanda VanderZee

Architect, AAA

picture of Alecsandru Vasiliu

Alecsandru Vasiliu

Architect, OAR

picture of Tania Vasquez

Tania Vasquez

Project Manager, PMP®

picture of Brendan Webb

Brendan Webb

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Jay Wigston

Jay Wigston

Electrical CA Manager

picture of Peniel Worku

Peniel Worku

Intern Architect, AAA

picture of Yuan Xu (Ava)

Yuan Xu (Ava)

Graphic Designer

picture of Claudia Yehia-Alaeddin

Claudia Yehia-Alaeddin

Principal Architect, AAA

picture of Amy Zhu

Amy Zhu

Payroll Administrator