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Work: Corporate

The world of business is changing and at Reimagine, we are proud to spearhead that change. Dingy, cramped offices and cubicles are out; warm, innovative and sustainable spaces are in. We work with some of North America’s largest and most innovative corporations, including Gilead, Intuit and PCL, to create facilities and work environments that attract and retain talent. From sustainable and inspiring offices to highly technical labs, to the commissioning and integration of art in the design of our buildings, our multidisciplinary and hands-on approach to design and construction provides a foundation for success for our corporate clients. 

picture of Household Hazardous Waste Transfer Station
picture of EPCOR Garneau Substation

EPCOR Garneau Substation

EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.

picture of EIA Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre
picture of Amii Event and Collaboration Hub
picture of Gilead Maintenance Building
picture of Myntex Office Design
picture of The Stables At Mayfair
picture of Latitudine53 Offices
picture of EPCOR Water Quality Assurance Labs
picture of Drayton Valley Water Treatment Plant
picture of Skills Society Action Lab
picture of Gilead Lab W1
picture of The Mosaic Centre For Conscious Community and Commerce
picture of Camrose City Hall
picture of PCL North American Headquarters
picture of Eastgate Offices for Environment Canada
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