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Consistent and continuous community engagement from the moment of a project’s inception to its final construction (and beyond!) invites you and project stakeholders to share their curiosity, insights and wisdom to create a great design for your community and context. This translates into workshop sessions with stakeholders and community members throughout all project phases, including our hallmark SMART Start Charette, in which we define the visions and requirements of those who will be the users of a designed space. It is in this phase that we facilitate the complex conversations necessary for project success and ensure team coordination and a clear scope of work. We know that each project presents diverse and competing priorities, and it is through collaboration that we harmonize these priorities to ensure a project’s lasting success.


Visualization offers us the opportunity to bring to life big ideas in true-to-life scenarios and models. Through cutting-edge virtual reality and building modelling technologies, we test theories and explore options to arrive at the most sustainable, cost-effective, and practical solutions. Our visualization techniques allow us to explore the drawbacks and benefits of each potential pathway, which includes a comprehensive peer review process,  before we commit to a final design strategy, saving our clients in both time and cost. 


Integration and collaboration go hand-in-hand. The third phase of each project is the integration of the unique, experiential qualities of a design with its technical and systematic requirements. We achieve this by working closely with all of our stakeholders to map out the projected use of a building or space and its efficiency well into the future. Sustainability, human health and well-being, safety, security, and comfort flow and achieve synergy within the final design.