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reimagine corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our beginning, we have measured the success of our practice by the strength of our relationships. Founded by two emigrants, one woman and one man, we set the stage in 1997 for a lifelong commitment to uplifting communities and our planet through diversity, respect, and collaboration.

Humans building for humans

We know that it’s not just a building. It’s a testament to collaboration, respect, joy, and, most importantly, love. Love for what we do, for our people, for our communities and our planet. We are committed to all  of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations, which include environmental protections, such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and repurposing spent materials, and measures to support human wellbeing and the economy. The sustainability of the natural environment interlinks with the health and strength of our communities. We cannot have one without the other.

Our Commitment

We see our unique responsibility as a leader in the global design community to engage meaningfully and purposefully in conversations surrounding social, political and environmental issues, to drive constructive and lasting change, and to support our communities on a local and international scale.

Co-Creating for a Better World

Our practice has long been shaped by the stories, ways of knowing, and values of our remarkable collaborators. Our long-standing relationships with Indigenous communities have cultivated the firm’s core values and philosophies, and the ways of knowing shared by our First Nations, Metis, and Inuit co-creators have informed our collaborative design process. We acknowledge that the land upon which we work and live has long been inhabited by Indigenous people since time immemorial. Today, we stand with our Indigenous communities as Canada moves towards truth and reconciliation.

Design that Supports our Planet

As Architects, we must innovate design, construction and operational strategies to mitigate the impact of the energy that our industry consumes and emits. Our experience in implementing sustainable solutions and achieving sustainable certification includes LEED® Platinum, Living Building Challenge, Passivhaus, Zero-carbon Building and the WELL Standard. From designing Alberta’s first LEED®-certified building in 2003, to achieving the province’s first commercial net-zero LEED® Platinum building in 2017, we continually raise the bar for light-footprint architecture and design globally. Through our work, we have the power to help face climate change to ensure that our planet is capable of sustaining life for future generations.

Reimagine: Within our Family

We encourage the diversity of viewpoints and experience that elevate our practice, and which are reflected in our hiring practice. Our pool of knowledge is nuanced and prodigious as we actively and continuously invite curiosity, openness and innovation amongst our team. We engage in learning and cultural experiences that diversify our perspectives and that lead to more sustainable, inclusive, and supportive partnerships and an improved design practice.

Equality in the Workplace

We are the first architecture firm to be certified by the WBE Canada (Women Business Enterprises Canada Council). With over 51% of our business, owned, operated, and managed by women, we are proud to spearhead change in the area of sexual equity. We understand that to instill true equality in our culture, and in our society as a whole, we must implement policies that support people in all areas of their lives, and this means flexible work hours, generous parental leave, and extensive health and wellness benefits.

Our Strength in Diversity

At Reimagine, we respect the unique identities and perspectives of others, and more than that, we are people of unique identities and perspectives. We are people who are LGBTQ+2, of colour, neurodiverse and of varying beliefs, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds. We honour each other. It is through our differences that we are made stronger. In our own team, we represent over twenty-seven countries from around the globe, with 70% of our staff being born outside of Canada. 6% of our team members are Indigenous. We actively engage in the ever-evolving conversation regarding sexual identity, gender, and orientation. In our intra-office and external email communications, we note our personal pronouns to ensure clarity and respect, and to show our support to those seeking self-determination through gender expression.

Helping our Communities

Our commitment to regenerative and joyful co-creation extends beyond the limits of a project’s walls. We are driven by community, with community, and that is why we dedicate thousands of hours and offer financial support to the organizations and individuals who contribute to the health and vibrancy of our homes. We are focused, as well, on inspiring and assisting younger generations to careers in architecture and design, as many of our team members regularly offer lectures and sessions at schools and universities. Most of our staff actively volunteer and we are always looking for ways to give back to our local and global communities.

Lifting up Voices

We know that there is still so much to learn and to accomplish. We approach conversations of systemic inequity and injustice with a perspective of humility, compassion, and a willingness to understand and support. We also know that gestures of advocacy must go beyond listening. We commit to expressing our core values and expectations in our interactions both internal and external to our office. This means speaking out against injustices that we witness in our work and in our communities. This means living our values every day.