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Edmonton Airports (EA) is committed to acting on the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Beyond their comprehensive employee diversity policies and inclusion training, EA supports its Indigenous partners by commissioning displays that promote Alberta’s Indigenous art and culture and tourism sector. In partnership with various Indigenous groups from around the region, they consulted with our firm to create an Indigenous interpretive site at their primary airport, the Edmonton International Airport (EIA).


The primary vision of the Indigenous Interpretive Centre (IIC) is to share with visitors from around the world the strength, diversity, and richness of our region’s Indigenous cultures, and to demonstrate the distinct qualities and practices that make each community unique. The IIC will incorporate Indigenous history, culture, and development opportunities into its work, and build relationships with the region’s Indigenous communities, while enhancing the EIA visitor and passenger experience. Visitors will have the opportunity to support local Indigenous makers by purchasing goods and art, and will walk (and fly!) away excited to explore further Indigenous cultures and histories.


The design strategy of the IIC tells a story of the diverse Indigenous communities of the region. The design revolves around navigation and mobility and uses the sun, the moon, the stars, and the landscape as storytelling devices. Celestial bodies and astronomical study are elemental motifs shared by many Indigenous cultures, and their presence in the IIC design creates a coherent and eye-catching aesthetic.

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