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Karamjit Grewal

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Specifications Writer


Karamjit is a diligent, conscientious Specifications Writer with a talent for research and problem-solving. Karamjit is valued within the firm for her inquisitive and perceptive mind, her persistence, and her attention to detail. She received her B.A. in Architectural Design from the University of Toronto in 2008, and her Bachelor of Environmental Design from Dalhousie University in 2010. She has long been interested in explaining “the link between a project’s conceptual beginning, and the real world. I want to know how to make what might seem impossible, possible.”

In 2006, Karamjit was awarded a design fellowship with Auburn University’s Rural Studio and that experience inspired the way she works today. She found that among her colleagues, she fell naturally into the role of researcher. “I learned in a practical and direct way how important it was to find products and systems for our envisioned projects that satisfied real world requirements of budget, availability and sustainability.  I apply those same lessons to the projects I work on today.” Karamjit has a strong work ethic, and endeavours “to go the extra mile, and produce the best work possible.”

As a mother, she also appreciates the flexibility afforded to her by Reimagine to determine her own personal work-life balance. She looks forward to continuing to expand knowledge in her field, and to grow in her position at the firm.

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