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Paul First Nation is a community that resides on lands northwest of Edmonton, east of Wabamun Lake. The Nation consulted our team with the plan to augment its infrastructure by building a CFS (Child and Family Services) Centre. The CFS has a long history of providing quality preventative programming and services to connect with children, youth, families, and communities. As assessed by the CFS Program Review Report in 2006, there is a need to enhance childcare programs and parenting support spaces.  


The Paul First Nation Child and Family Services (CFS) Centre aims to reduce the number of Indigenous children in foster care. It is a place for family evaluation and recovery, learning and training, and large gatherings. The programs in this building aim to strengthen bonds and create a feeling of safety. It is a place to support families and their children in learning with a cultural emphasis and in sharing sustainable and meaningful stories that will connect past, present, and future generations.


The building will contain prevention spaces that will be used by the workers and families, working together to improve their relationships. The building will also provide the community with office spaces that can accommodate the staff members of the CFS Centre. In line with the overall vision of the project, the landscape design aims to create a warm, welcoming, and safe ambiance for families in need of guidance.

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