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Cody Jew

picture of Cody Jew

Architect, AAA

B.Sc (Honours) Civil Engineering, M.Arch

Cody is an Architect who brings a diverse skill set and an inspired and enthusiastic point of view to the firm. In his practice, he merges his diligent and analytical eye, earned through years of Civil Engineering education and experience, with his artistic and creative interests. His primary objective in his work is to improve the relationship between society and the built environment. In 2016, he won a sustainable design-build competition, and he says that from that experience, he knew that he wanted to be an architect. “I loved being able to create moments of spontaneity and appreciation,” he says.

Cody’s extensive background in Civil Engineering comes into play within multiple facets of a project and makes him a valued member of the Reimagine team. He manages the Edmonton studio's modelling workshop and is highly skilled in 3D-printing and laser cutting. He is also the firm’s leading expert in Grasshopper, a 3D visual programming application that specializes in parametric modelling and which is an invaluable project resource.

He looks forward to increasing his knowledge and experience and growing within Reimagine. "The firm has been so supportive in any opportunities that I want to pursue,” he says. In his spare time, Cody is a practicing artist and works in a variety of mediums, from creating logo design and 3D models, to coasters, clocks and earrings. Cody also enjoys kickboxing, volleyball, badminton, and soccer.

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