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Veronica Izmalli Hernandez Ibarra

Architect, AAA


Veronica is highly regarded by fellow team members, clients, and contractors for her efficiency, enthusiasm, and open-minded creative approach. Educated in Mexico, Veronica is well-experienced in many project phases, from initial design development to team-building, to construction management and coordination. Veronica is fascinated, as she says, by “cubes”, or the process of turning “geometrical shapes into spaces”. She loves the organizational and programming aspects of space design, and being able to communicate a design through documents. The merging design aesthetics with long-term sustainability also serves as a primary objective in her work. 

Her personal intentions are to “be efficient, to be trustworthy, and to work as a team.” “We are on this journey together,” she says. “We should enjoy it.” Joining Reimagine was a formative moment in her life and career, she says, and she is excited for the rest of the journey. “I know there will be challenges. I want to meet them with serenity and strength.”

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