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Marwa Alshara

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Project Architect, AAA, LEED® AP BDC, WELL AP


Marwa's commitment and dedication to contributing to a healthier planet for all, with no one being left behind, were shaped by her early travels around the world at a young age. With architecture as her chosen tool, she has embarked on a journey that has taken her to different destinations, gaining exposure to various cultures and landscapes across the globe.

Marwa's deep passion for architecture took root during her time in architecture school, and it has grown into an integral part of her very being. For her, architecture is not merely a profession but a way of life, infused with creativity and purpose. As a Project Architect, Marwa consistently goes the extra mile to ensure the success of each project, maintaining a seamless, cohesive, and efficient workflow from conceptualization to completion and beyond.

 Marwa's diverse project experience highlights her versatility and ability to tackle various challenges with creative solutions. Her involvement in projects of different scales and sectors demonstrates her adaptability and commitment to addressing unique requirements. By integrating sustainable practices into each design, Marwa consistently strives to achieve environmentally conscious solutions that align with every project's specific goals and aspirations.

For each space design, Marwa approaches is based on a story-driven mindset, aiming to create a distinct sense of place that harmonizes with the project's location, the client's requirements, and the community it serves. “successful design patterns in the built environment is important due to its immense influence on the emotional and psychological well-being of humans.” She firmly believes that story-based design approach ensures that every aspect of the design seamlessly integrates to form a cohesive and meaningful experience.”Design follows story”, she says. 

Marwa is registered as an Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects. She is also an active member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and is a LEED® Accredited Professional, a WELL Accredited Professional, and a member of the Emergency Architecture & Human rights organization. 

Whether it's through research, advocacy, or community engagement, Marwa actively pursues avenues to advance the profession and promote sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible design; currently, Marwa serves on the WELL Advisory Board at IWBI, and she actively seeks innovative solutions to address embodied carbon through her pursuit of regenerative architecture. Taking a life-cycle approach to materials and systems used in building design through creating buildings with a net-positive impact on the environment. Marwa's passion for sustainable design thinking aims to create a sense of place, foster human health, and celebrate community. “Learning is infinite,” she says, “and Nature is the best teacher”.

Her selection as a speaker at the 2023 International Greenbuild Conference in Washington D.C. further solidifies her dedication to advancing discussions on Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment. Having studied and lived worldwide and being interested in international and humanitarian-focused design, Marwa is committed to contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a global framework. She was recently selected to be a Local Pathway Fellow with the UN SDSN-cohort 2023, among 100 young professionals representing Edmonton City among 80 cities worldwide, focused on SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Marwa has also collaborated with the University of Alberta on studies, training programs, and research projects, helping to build resilient communities. This experience has given her a unique perspective on designing spaces where cultural diversity and a sense of belonging are embraced.

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