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Marwa Alshara

picture of Marwa Alshara

Architect, AAA


Marwa is registered as an Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects. She is also an active member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and is a LEED® Accredited Professional, a WELL Accredited Professional, and a member of the Emergency Architecture & Human rights organization. Marwa began her Architectural education at Damascus University, before moving to Jordan in 2012 to complete her studies at Jordan University of Science and Technology. In 2016, Marwa moved to live in Canada and immediately joined the Reimagine Family. 

Since joining the firm, Marwa has demonstrated an impressive and dynamic design ethos. She delivers high-quality work at all stages of a project, resolving design, construction, or organizational challenges to create designs that have a positive physiological, and psychological impact on its users. Marwa strives to create meaningful connections between people and spaces through the heightening of human sensing. As she says, “successful design patterns in the built environment is important due to its immense influence on the emotional and psychological well-being of humans.”

In Marwa’s design process, she balances exceptional precision and clarity with intentionality and a continuous commitment to creating rich, high-quality design and memorable space experiences. For Marwa, a design’s story is essential to the success of a project. ”Design follows story”, she says. “Story is what makes architecture powerful. It is a multidimensional tool, and it affects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is our role as designers to convey the story, and to create a sense of place that fits in with the location of the project, the client’s needs, and the community that it’s serving.” 

Marwa is always actively learning and discovering. Currently, she is exploring innovative design strategies to develop healthy, functional, and visually-appealing spaces that go beyond sustainability, towards regenerative architecture. “Learning is infinite,” she says, “and Nature is the best teacher.”

Marwa credits her passion for architecture and her interest in international and humanitarian-focused design to her upbringing in Syria, to her two architect siblings, and to her family, who always encouraged and supported her education.

Since arriving in Canada, Marwa has collaborated with the University of Alberta on studies, research projects, and training programs that help immigrants from different cultures to successfully integrate with their communities. This experience has added value to her work of designing spaces that embrace cultural diversity and promote a sense of belonging.  

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