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Toni Chui

picture of Toni Chui

Senior Interior Designer


Toni brings fun, versatility, and a wide range of interior design experience to her work at Reimagine. She is well-versed in many different project types, including, but not limited to, hospitality, residential, educational, and recreational design. Her particular expertise in materials selection makes her a valuable asset to teammates, clients, and contractors alike. 

Toni is known for her ability to inspire and engage, drawing out the best qualities in those around her, and forming strong, positive relationships with her clients. “My main objective is to exceed my clients’ expectations,” she explains, “It’s about putting my own ego aside, and realizing their vision.”

She is excited for the future of sustainable interior design, which she believes will blend environmentally-conscious technologies with what she calls “the human comfort experience." Toni understands that sustainability doesn't mean compromising good design. “You can have a sustainable, healthy interior that invites a delightful experience”. 

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