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Myntex is one of the largest mobile encrypted communications providers in Canada. Based out of Calgary, this vibrant, optimistic company desired their work space to reflect their special ethos.


The office redesign expresses Myntex’s youthful, playful spirit and commitment to accessibility and support for their staff. The company’s unique services form the primary point of visual interest, with their large data centre on display and integrated within the interior’s aesthetic. 


Built for Myntex’s employees and their needs, the space’s bright colours and graphics invigorate and inspire productivity. The flexible layout is largely undifferentiated and open, with spaces separated by glass panels and sliding glass doors to invite connection and flow between people and ideas. Collaboration spaces and constructive chatter areas encourage work that feels like play. There are even bunk beds and an adult slide! 

You can learn more about our Activity-Based Working Spaces here.

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