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Located in the beautiful, historic Rossdale campus in Edmonton, this former administration and storage facility deserved care and preservation. Originally built in 1931 and housing the senior management of EPCOR’s Water Services, the building was lagging in its energy performance and the interior was dingy and not supportive of a comfortable occupant experience. 


As a designated historic resource, all alterations to the original building required approval by the Alberta Culture’s Historic Resource Management department. As a consequence, our design approach was deeply conscientious. Taking into consideration the unique historical character of the building, we restored with a careful eye to detail, balancing preservation with modern sustainability innovations.


We upgraded the interior to create a pleasant and functional space for its staff and visitors. The original double-hung windows were meticulously restored to their original 1931 condition, including counterweights and hardware. The building's beautiful lobby's myriad historical details were restored, from the ornate stair railing to its gorgeous terrazzo flooring. A layer of spray insulation was added behind the bricks, minimizing the building's heat loss. Inside the building, a high-performance mechanical induction system minimizes ductwork. LED fixtures light the building, while the generous use of glass partitions maximize day-lighting in these stunning offices.

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