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Gilead Sciences, Inc is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and produces medical treatments for such viral conditions as hepatitis, influenza, and HIV. To enhance its ability to develop new and innovative medicines for unmet medical needs, Gilead Alberta ULC consulted our team with the plan to build a new laboratory, W1, in northeast Edmonton—a project that would lead to the design and construction of yet another lab of greater size and capacity, W2. 


The objective of our stakeholders in the construction of W1 is to increase efficiency in the development and manufacturing of their pharmaceutical products. To this end, a concept took shape for the development of an energy-efficient, three-storey building that would contain labs, lab support spaces, offices, and conference and meeting rooms. The building integrates coherently with the company’s existing infrastructure and with the surrounding natural environment. 


Gilead W1 is an excellent example of time-effective, fast-tracked and integrated design that is not only complex and aesthetically-pleasing, but efficient and durable. The building’s modern aesthetic boasts a number of sustainable innovations, such as a high-performance envelope that provides significant energy use and cost reductions, and an advanced heat-recovery system that harvests the energy produced by the building’s forty fume hoods to distribute throughout the building.

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