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Afexa Life Sciences is an up-and-coming company that manufactures natural health and wellness products. The company required a state-of-the-art laboratory and office spaces for their location in the Edmonton Research Park. The building was recently bought by Chandos and is now their corporate headquarters.


The two-storey structure is universally accessible and features a library, meeting rooms, workstations, chemical storage areas, and a variety of lab spaces facilitating biochemistry, pharmacology and research. Not only does the building meet the technological requirements of the company and the Edmonton Research Park, it presents a positive image for this growing company and offers a healthy, functional work environment for its staff. 


The design aesthetic is professional and modernist, but the interior spaces are warm, pleasant and provide an exceptional occupant experience. The building envelope is glass-covered, inviting in natural light while also offering sunshades for occupants in offices and boardrooms. Once Afexa moved to Montreal, the building was purchased by Chandos and converted into a corporate office for this innovative construction company.

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