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Intuit came to Manasc Isaac [now Reimagine] with no site and no programme and asked us to deliver a new office building and call centre for 500 employees in seven months. We succeeded. This 2.5-storey sustainable building incorporates operable windows, an access floor system and indirect lighting for optimal energy efficiency and user comfort. This highly complex and fast-tracked facility offers numerous employee amenities including a gymnasium, fitness room, staff lounge and cafeteria, as well as outdoor patios and balcony decks.


Intuit asked our team to design and deliver a new office building and call centre for 500 employees in seven months. The Headquarters contain not only office spaces, but special amenities for company employees, including a gymnasium, fitness centre, cafeteria, and outdoor patios and seating areas. The building is kind to the environment, sustainable now and into the future. 


The Globe and Mail awarded Intuit as Canada’s No. 2, No. 8, and No. 3 Best Place to Work in 2001, 2002, and 2003 respectively, in part due to the consideration given employees in this outstanding facility. Built to Canadian Building Incentive Program standards (28% energy savings compared to an equivalent building), Intuit’s headquarters provides a healthy, daylit, energy-efficient working environment and saves an average of $65 000 in energy costs. Nearly 100% of the building’s interior lighting is indirect, harvesting natural daylight, and resulting in the total required wattage of the building being less than half the amount required for the average office building. An innovative underfloor air system allows for occupant comfort throughout the building, which not only reduces energy costs, but allows for flexibility and ready reconfiguration of the floor plan. 


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