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ABSA (the Pressure Equipment Safety Authority) is a regulatory authority that ensures pressure equipment safety and compliance in Alberta. A new space is required for their corporate home that will not only support the organization’s continued growth, but that will reflect their strong reputation of integrity and sustainability.


Our objective for the design of the ABSA offices is to create an environment that welcomes and supports its occupants and exemplifies innovation in sustainable design. The facility, while beautifully understated in its aesthetics, hosts an incredible array of leading-edge technologies and innovative design components. 


The building’s sustainability profile begins with its actual walls. A high-performance envelope wraps around the structure while inside, underground parking, generous natural light, underfloor air distribution and operable windows create attractive and sustainable work spaces for occupants. This building is 40.3% more efficient than the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) reference, with annual energy savings of over $30 000. By integrating environmental principles into the design and construction of the building, ABSA has demonstrated its dedication to the long-term success not only of their own organization and clients, but to the community as a whole.


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