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Located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Mission, Calgary, 1800 Hillsboro Tower was beginning to show its age. This mixed-use building had become outdated in both its aesthetics and function, and was in dire need of an architectural upgrade. This address was the very first to receive a development permit following the flood that devastated the Calgary area in 2013.


The revitalized exterior of 1800 Hillsboro reflects the modern sensibility of the Mission community and the sustainability and innovation central to the Reimagine practice--and all without breaking the bank. Using cost-effective and intelligent design innovations, we wrapped the building in a unique and dynamic facade that adds texture and interest to the structure’s exterior. Bright, bold colours edge the facade, providing a visual lift and catching the eyes of passersby.


To further revitalize the 1800’s Hillsboro address, our next planned design phase involves designing a pedestrian-friendly modern streetfront that will re-energize the block and provide lasting value for the building's stakeholders. 

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