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The site for the new Eastgate Office building is located on 49th street between 93 and 94 avenues in what is largely an industrial business zone in Edmonton. The Eastgate Office building stands out by its bold form and massing in its context of a suburban office park. 


The Eastgate Offices offered us an exciting challenge: to design a LEED® Gold-certified building that not only supplies power 24/7 to its immense electronic system, but that is also comfortable and practical even in the face of Alberta’s demanding natural environment. Our rigorous sustainability practices required further innovation in this case for the building to achieve Gold LEED® standard. Through collaborative effort with our various stakeholders, we brought to life an extraordinary landmark building that speaks to the strength, optimism and commitment of Canada’s environment leaders. 


Boasting the largest array of solar panels in Western Canada, Eastgate is a sustainable and beautiful office building that doubles as a 24/7, mission-critical facility. Its visually-striking design is apparent not only from the street where spontaneous bursts of colour enliven the highly-glazed facade, but from inside the structure, where a dramatic spiral staircase presents as the entrance’s focal point. Angled columns run continuously from the foundation to the roof, providing lateral support and offering a beautiful, distinctive aesthetic experience. 



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