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Northern Lakes College provides quality educational programs and services that enable adults to continue their education, to improve their employment opportunities, and to enhance their quality of life with respect for cultures and the needs of communities. The College's masterplan, prepared by our team, identified the need to expand the facilities in High Prairie, and so the concept for their High Prairie Campus was born. 


Modern comforts, innovation, and the beauty of the natural environment blend seamlessly in the new Campus. The design acknowledges the college’s deep roots in Alberta history and culture while looking towards the future of sustainable design and innovations in learning. The Hub provides access to trades and health sciences laboratories for post-secondary students studying at smaller campuses. The facility is designed to be a living learning laboratory and all mechanical, plumbing and electrical design, as well as HVAC systems, are designed as demonstration spaces to help educate students.


The campus achieved LEED® Silver Certification in September 2022, and is expected to achieve net-zero energy consumption as soon as the solar panels are installed. The two-storey glulam structure uses natural, locally-sourced materials that contribute to the building’s stellar sustainability profile, and to the comfort and warmth of its interior environment. Spaces are open, bright, and flooded with natural daylight entering through overheard clerestory windows. Alongside its geothermal capacity and a fully electric heating system, the building boasts a high-performance envelope and provisions for photovoltaic panels. 

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