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Red Deer College has a long history of sustainability initiatives. Recognizing the absolute importance of protecting our earth, the College came to our team with the vision of a centre that would help to educate future generations of innovators on the theory and development of sustainable energy sources.


The Alternative Energy Centre is a learning and teaching tool. The building itself embodies numerous strategies that showcase leading-edge innovations in the field of sustainable architecture and alternative energy development. The design is not only streamlined, high-performance, and technologically innovative, but it is highly accessible for the benefit of students’ learning.


Of the many technologies embodied by the Alternative Energy Centre, perhaps the most impressive are the photovoltaic arrays. They can be found on the roof and envelope, and they are fixed with tracking devices so that students can see solar energy developing right in front of their eyes! A concrete walkway and metal guardrails fixed with harnesses make it possible for students to safely observe—and even work on—the panels. The roof also includes inverter installations, solar hot water, and solar tubes that promote healthy lighting and ventilation for building occupants.  

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