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Through their Alternative Energy Technology program, NAIT provides to their students both the theoretical and practical skills needed to design, integrate and maintain systems that utilize major alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, biofuels, hydro, fuel cell and co-generation. 


Located in Edmonton, the Alternative Energy Centre accommodates NAIT’S unique, highly-technical programming and requirements, and the needs of their staff and students. The facility is a focal point of the campus in both its aesthetics and purpose and draws attention from passerby and scientific communities around the world. 


As a firm dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of work and life, the NAIT Alternative Energy Centre project was a perfect match to the philosophies and values of our practice. The new Centre fosters innovation to develop sources of energy that are clean, renewable, and sustainable. The Centre mirrors the facility’s intended purpose in its own design and performance, as the building is projected to achieve net-zero energy consumption in the near future.

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