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Rita Melo Reuss

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Before joining the firm in 2004, Rita studied at the University of Goias in Brazil, and gained many years of architectural experience as an independent contractor and as a principal of a firm in Goiania. She has since proven herself invaluable as a versatile and dynamic member of the Reimagine team. 

Rita’s expertise lies in her ability to guide a project from its formative, early-design phase into its final construction. She inspires clients to identify the aims and constraints of a project in its initial phases, and through the expert balance of creative vision and real-world application, brings a project into its final manifestation. She manages the practical aspects essential for a project’s completion, and ensures the smooth interaction of all cooperative parties. 

Rita’s interests lie not only in making buildings come to life, but in what she refers to as the “social aspect” of architecture. Her philosophy, as she states, is people. “I am captivated by the conversations that we can have with a building,” she says,”It’s a continuous relationship that is always developing, and that evokes different emotions, behaviours, and perspectives.” 

Market Sector Leader: Not-for-profit, and Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Residential, Affordable Housing

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