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The Parkside North, or Griesbach, HomeEd is a new neighbourhood located on in north Edmonton. A greenfield site currently under development, Griesbach is proud to offer a variety of neighbourhood amenities, connections to the rest of the city, and a sense of community and home. Griesbach is part of the City of Edmonton's long-term LRT expansion strategy. This extension will allow easy, fast, and direct connection from Griesbach to the rest of the city, as well as St. Albert and will contribute to the development and 'livability' of the neighbourhood. HomeEd, our client, reached out to us with the plan to construct affordable, sustainable housing on the site. 


In our conceptualization of the housing spaces, we considered site infrastructure, building orientation for optimum passive energy performance, landscaping opportunities, and the integration of green spaces for encouraging community connectedness and activities. Our design process was informed by multiple principles deemed critical for project success: Mental Health, Sustainability, Accessibility, Community Pride, Connection, and Collaboration. 


A metaphor that informed our design and engagement process was the Journey of Life, and the different paths we take every day. The design intent was to create spaces that are filled with hope, beauty, and opportunity, and that help us to heal and make us feel like we belong. The exteriors are clean and modern, with forms and materials coherent with the residential buildings of the Griesbach neighbourhood. Amenities include a shaded courtyard, community garden, barrier-free common spaces, and well-lit pathways with an abundance of greenery and landscaping. 21% of the units are accessible for those with reduced mobility and special needs. 

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