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Ana-Dora Matei

picture of Ana-Dora Matei

Architect, OAR


Ana-Dora has been with the Reimagine firm for many years and works as an architect and designer through the Bucharest office. She is one of the few team members with experience working in multiple offices, having spent a couple of months in Calgary and three years in Edmonton. In her work, she is interested in the interplay between the social and political environment and urban architecture and design. Ana has recently graduated as a Master in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The most formative moment of her career, she states, is coming to Reimagine. Through her work at the firm, she has been presented with new challenges and new avenues for personal growth and expansion. She is excited to embark on more projects that “have an impact on how the city works”, and that have a direct positive influence on the lives of others.

Ana-Dora enjoys working as a team and sharing with others her passion for architecture and design. “I love what I do,” she says, “It’s very rewarding.”

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