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Dereje Eshete

picture of Dereje Eshete

Project Manager

B.Sc, Civil Engineering

Dereje brings to his position an invaluable work experience across a wide range of project types and a deep enthusiasm for learning. Previous to joining the Reimagine team, he worked in Ethiopia in the areas of on-site project management and construction engineering, and has gained throughout his career invaluable experience working in a wide variety of climate types and geographical sites. At Reimagine, Dereje is responsible for construction phase project management, contract administration, as well as the successful planning, monitoring and execution of projects. He ensures that each phase of the project will be completed on schedule, and to the satisfaction of the client. 

Since joining the firm, he has deepened his knowledge and experience of cold-climate engineering and construction. He loves working at Reimagine as he is afforded the opportunity to connect with others and to exchange knowledge freely. “We’re different in so many ways,” he says, “It is like a family, and I am learning from everyone. It’s an exceptional place to work.” 

Dereje is also an active member of his community, and volunteers regularly in the Edmonton Ethiopian community. 

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