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Tara Lynn Blum

picture of Tara Lynn Blum

Post-Construction Specialist

Tara Lynn is one of our post-construction specialists in our Edmonton studio. She is dedicated to ensuring occupant and client satisfaction and to “breathing life” into the end stage of construction, as well as providing guidance through the service and warranty period. She is passionate about regenerative and high performance construction and renewable energy, and is excited to share her passion with the Reimagine team and her clients.

Tara is well-valued for her ability to bring new perspectives, find creative solutions, and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Her philosophy is, simply, to “be better”. “Positivity is contagious.” She states. “Shining a little light will often bring about solutions.” She is excited to work on innovative projects, and to see how occupants engage with the spaces that she will take part in creating. “It is an honour to get the opportunity to work with the finished product and to see how it integrates within its context and in its community.” 

Outside of work, Tara-Lynn loves creating personal artwork, urban farming, spending time with her family, gardening, and working on her net-zero home.

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