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Alecsandru Vasiliu

picture of Alecsandru Vasiliu

Architect, OAR


Alecs is currently based in the Bucharest office of Reimagine. He is highly valued within the firm for his exceptional attention to detail and for his expertise in such design programs as ArchiCAD and Artlantis. 

Alecs holds a Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology and has long been passionately interested in the relationship between architecture and socio-economic conditions. Specifically, he asks how intelligent and collaborative design might mitigate conditions of extreme poverty, and has worked on projects with a focus on sustainable housing in both Bucharest and abroad. 

For Alecs, strong values are integral to creating healthy and positive relationships with team members, contractors, and clients. He believes that the best designs manifest through feedback and collaboration. “The architect provides the tool of design thinking.” He says. “The building happens through context and input.”

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