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Kenton McKay

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Communications Director


While a self-proclaimed “wearer of many hats,” Kent’s role within the firm is Director of Communications. He acts as an intermediary between Reimagine's design team and the firm’s external stakeholders, which include past and potential clients, contractors, and the general public.  

Working at Reimagine for over a decade has taught Kent about the importance of engagement. “People get so excited to open up and tell their stories, and it excites me to pass those stories along to a larger audience,” he says. It’s easy to get lost in the technical details of architectural projects, he notes, but there is more to a building than square meterage and R-value ratings. “There is always something really compelling and really human at the core of our work: a challenge that we help resolve,” he says. “Being able to express that aspect is what makes a project come alive.” 

Kent led the rebranding initiative that saw Manasc Isaac reborn as Reimagine, in 2021. Kent also oversees the firm’s social media, events, and public relations, and is Managing Editor of Reimagine Magazine, which has released seven issues since its inaugural publication in 2014.

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