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Spectra was Reimagine's 2018 contribution to the Vignettes Design Series, an event which invites attendees to explore a varied array of spaces, each assembled by a unique team of designers. 


Spectra is the sensory exploration of inhabiting a prism. Through an extensive iterative process of materials exploration, Spectra was collaboratively-designed as a modular system with panels of double-walled polycarbonate with dichroic film and birch plywood. Layering these materials in a faceted wall assembly creates a kaleidoscopic effect. Olfactory and auditory accents, blended with dynamic visuals, allow Spectra to distort boundaries of reality, as viewers move through the space.

Enhancing the experience, a custom scent - sweet, pink and highly synthetic - spreads through Spectra, while an ambient soundscape by local artist Andrew Williams plays overhead. Williams' soundscape integrates found sounds recorded across Edmonton: the LRT rumbling, church choirs overheard on the street, and the sound of the North Saskatchewan River from above and below water.


Following the conclusion of Vignettes 2018, Spectra was dismantled and moved to the lobby of the Reimagine studio in Edmonton, where it stands today!

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