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Jackie Miller

picture of Jackie Miller

Project Coordinator

Arch. Tech.

Jackie is a conscientious, diligent and forward-thinking Project Coordinator with extensive experience working on multiple project types in various capacities. She is driven in her work by the creative process and treasures architecture’s ability to “create something amazing out of nothing.”

She has always been drawn towards visual arts and drawing, and appreciates being able to integrate her natural visual sense with her more organized and “practical” inclinations. She is valued within the firm for her skill in identifying and resolving a project’s inconsistencies and gaps, and thinking outside of the box to offer creative solutions.

She is currently working towards an Architecture degree at the University of Athabasca with the intention of becoming a Designer and Project Leader. She plans to continue her study of design and visuals and gain more invaluable experience in her work at Reimagine. In her free time, she loves running and spending time with her family and outdoors.  

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