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A professor in MacEwan University’s School of Business wanted to support the long-term viability of his students’ entrepreneurial projects and ideas. Once class ended, he found that the students would disappear and, inevitably, so did their initiatives. He wondered how the university might help these students so that their ideas might have real and lasting impact on the world. Thus the idea was born for an on-campus incubator!


The space is open, inclusive, and accessible. Located in MacEwan’s beautiful Allard Hall, the Roundhouse brings together students, staff, and faculty along with experts and entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting social change and fostering budding innovation. 


Built on a former CN roundhouse, this active space serves primarily as a point of convergence and engagement between ideas and people and resources. Movable furniture and flexible partitions allow occupants to transform the space to best suit their vision, whether it be for a solo study or class presentation. Warm daylight floods the interior through floor-to-ceiling windows, while the Roundhouse’s vibrant plant life engages occupants with the natural environment and creates a healthy, oxygen-rich space. The fig trees and moss wall are the not the only sustainable features of the Roundhouse; it also includes natural, low-emitting finishes, a linoleum floor made up of linseed oil, carpeting made of recycled content, LED lighting, and high-performance heating and cooling panels. 

"Reimagine [formerly Manasc Isaac] has been an integral part of the process in creating a space that offers a healthy bright

sun-lit place to work, a thoughtfully designed accessible space to host, attend events and work out of, and

a welcoming place to connect to a purpose-driven community of people and organizations." 

- Amor Provins, Senior Manager, Roundhouse

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