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Lena Stenhouse

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  • +1 780-429-3977 ext. 143

Electrical Engineer


Léna is an Electrical Engineer with the Edmonton studio and a recent addition to the Reimagine team. With over nine years of experience in the field of electrical engineering, Léna has always been interested in architecture and building design and construction. In her work, she especially loves lighting projects and has more recently developed a deep respect and passion for sustainability. “I had an epiphany,” she says. “I want to work on holistically green projects, and I want to help create spaces that enhance people’s well-being.” 

Léna values communication and collaboration in her work and always tries to be kind and open-minded with the people around her. As she states, “We have to work together to move forward with the best designs.” She loves working with the entire team in the room, brainstorming and coming up with innovative solutions. In her role at Reimagine, Léna is excited to learn more about solar power and sustainable, renewable building materials.

Outside of work, Léna enjoys “anything outside!”, and spends much of her time working on her nature photography, birding, hiking, fishing, and skiing.