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Linda Tiet

picture of Linda Tiet

Proposal Writer/ Designer


Linda recently joined the Reimagine family after working for nearly eight years at a competitor. She has always had a passion for everything related to language, design, and architecture. For her, life is a joy and an adventure, and there’s no better way to enjoy every day and every moment than to be fully immersed in beautiful architecture, climbing stairs, experiencing how sunlight hits a building, and walking the hallways of a new space for the first time. If she is not working on proposals, then she is bumbling around town, eagerly scouting out construction sites to see what’s up and coming, or else going on building tours with a friend. Too many times, she has experienced that feeling of utter panic because the only way out seems to be the emergency exit and it’s alarmed!

Linda is delighted to be working at Reimagine, where she has the opportunity to work on proposals for libraries, post-secondary institutions, and schools. Since a young age, she has always wanted to become a philanthropist and to build libraries. By working at Reimagine, a company dedicated to humanitarian improvement and sustainable development, Linda is now a part of a team that will help her realize these dreams.