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Louissa Fetiza

Project Developer


Louissa is the Sustainable Buildings Consortium’s Project Developer. She brings to her position years of experience working in the design-build and construction industries and advertising industry. She was inspired to join SBC and to be involved with non-profit organizations by her mother, who worked in the non-profit sector. “It gave me a better idea of what I wanted in a fulfilling career,” she says. 

Louissa is an excellent project leader with a rare ability to inspire and energize those around her. In her work, she values honesty and transparency, and she prioritizes taking care of her clients’ trust and building relationships founded on integrity and openness. She loves meeting and engaging with new clients and organizations. Each connection, she states, gives her a different perspective and a new opportunity to learn and grow. 

In the future, Louissa is excited to uncover the potential of SBC and participate in more community engagements which she says will deepen her purpose-driven career. Outside of work, Louissa loves to read and spend time with her daughter.