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Nkechinyere Ekaette

Intern Architect, AAA

M. Sc.

Nkechinyere, or Nkechi, is an Intern Architect with the Edmonton Reimagine office and a hard-working, dedicated team member with a passion for sustainable design.

She was inspired to her career by her father, an architect in Nigeria, and has always known that she would be an architect. “There was no Plan B,” she says. Nkechi loves working on a team and always “strives to do my best at everything. I put in all I got and I hope my results reflect that.” She is experienced in the area of building construction and loves to bring to life designs that “exceed client expectations” and that contribute to a positive social and cultural landscape.

When asked what most excites about the future of her career, she says, “Everything! I’m especially excited to explore sustainability in design, and Reimagine is a great place to learn."

Outside of work, Nkechi has many interests and creative pursuits. She enjoys drawing, music, reading, and travelling. 

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