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Oyetayo Osibote


M.E.D, B.Sc. Architecture

Originally from Nigeria, Oyetayo is a Designer with the Calgary office of the Reimagine team. Oyetayo is valued within the team for his diligence, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. 

Oyetayo’s personal objectives are to be “transparent and communicative” in his work and in his relationships with team members and collaborators. He resonates with the "connectivity and intentionality" within Reimagine's practice. "Here," he says, "you see the whole picture from the beginning. We all know where we need to be.” He appreciates, as well, being afforded the opportunity to be part of an architectural practice in Canada, and to see a project‘s initial phases, or its “raw sketch,” be brought to life in its final completion. “I love the consciousness that goes into a design project. The details are what brings a design to life.” 

In the future, Oyetayo is excited to see a growth of the sustainable building sector and to play a part in positively impacting the world through architecture. He enjoys exploring his environment by trying new things and meeting new people.

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