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Reese Heslop

Project Coordinator and Design Technologist

Alternative Energy Tech., Civil Engineering Tech.

Reese is a diligent, resourceful Project Coordinator and Design Technologist with the Reimagine Edmonton office. Introduced to Reimagine through their father, Derek Heslop, Reese has been exposed to architecture and construction for as long as they can remember. “I remember as a kid seeing the drawings in my dad’s office and thinking that they were pretty cool.” 

Reese came to the field of architecture in a roundabout way, though, gaining years of experience and an exceptional depth of knowledge in the Renewables and Civil Engineering sectors before joining Reimagine. They are grateful for the opportunity to merge their technical knowledge and problem-solving skills with the overarching intentions and practices of Reimagine. They want to bring accessibility and sustainability into everything that they create. Their vision is spaces and communities that care about all kinds of people and that support the environment.

They are excited to be a part of moving society towards greater inclusivity and environmental awareness. In their spare time, Reese loves to be outdoors, camping and hiking, and is a self-described “live music enthusiast”.