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Theresa Faulder



Originally hired on contract to write the content for Reimagine’s website, Theresa is now a full-time member of the firm’s Communications Team. Born and raised in Edmonton, Theresa has lived in many different places around the country, including Halifax, Vancouver, and Victoria, where she received her Masters in English.

Theresa loves writing for “the process of exploration.” As she states: “Discovering what makes a concept or project or person interesting is truly exciting for me. And writing, if it’s good, makes everything interesting. That’s what I aim for in my own work.”

Theresa’s experience writing for the website gave her an extraordinary opportunity to learn the values and practices of Reimagine and to connect meaningfully with every person across the entire company, from Edmonton, to Vancouver, to Calgary, to Bucharest. She loves working at Reimagine for its “truly exceptional workplace culture". "People think of a job as a necessary evil that ultimately diminishes your time and energy. With Reimagine, believe it or not, you receive energy. They support you, and they want to see you thrive.”

As a certified Personal Trainer, Theresa prioritizes movement and physical health in her everyday life and in her spare time, writes a fitness blog for a college in Vancouver. She loves the gym, hiking, camping and, with the notable exception of spin classes, most physical activities. She also paints, draws, and holds a volunteer position as the Newsletter Editor of her local community league. Currently, Theresa is working on a novel and an illustrated children’s book.