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Blue Skies for the Bissell Centre

picture of Blue Skies for the Bissell Centre

The Bissell Centre is an organization close to Manasc Isaac’s heart. For over 100 years, the organization has served Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens: the mentally ill, homeless and the marginalized.

We were pleased to select the Bissell Centre as a Blue Sky Award winner for 2015. This award provides $20,000 of consulting time to Albertan not-for-profit organizations like the Bissell Centre, who require architectural and landscape architecture services to help realize their dream projects.

The Bissell Centre’s vision of a revamped facility addresses programme, services, cultural and administrative needs that this project will meet.

We’re honoured to partner with this important local organization, to help build a resilient and sustainable future for our city’s marginalized.

Stay tuned for more updates and progress on the Bissell Centre project!