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Infill in Edmonton

picture of Infill in Edmonton

Manasc Isaac recognizes that infill development is a crucial part of the conversation about building healthy communities. Recently, news headlines in Edmonton have explored the cost of poorly conceived infill projects, and laid bare the challenges that infill projects can raise for neighbouring stakeholders.

Our team aspires to achieve responsible and community-building infill work. Several of our staff have joined organizations such as the Infill Development Edmonton Association (IDEA), which advocates for solid infill design in the city. Ian O’Donnell (Contract Admin and Field Services) is a board member at IDEA, and a passionate champion of using infill as a way to build Edmonton the right way.

“Infill in Edmonton has made some important strides recently,” says O’Donnell. “Appropriate infill development is one of the best ways to invest in and maintain the health of mature neighbourhoods.”

Recently, Manasc Isaac was approached by Brookfield Residential to help provide guidance on developing The Muttart Lands, a nine-acre site located in central Edmonton. Brookfield’s progressive vision sees the transformation of this industrial parcel of land into a vibrant mixed-use community, based upon the site’s incredible location. Close to the LRT, Commonwealth Rec Centre and Stadium, and the River Valley, The Muttart Lands will help accommodate the growing demand for an urban lifestyle near the city’s core.  The team’s approach to this project stands an example of thoughtfully-considered, community minded infill.

“In the past, Edmonton has lagged behind other cities in supporting quality infill development,” O’Donnell admits. “But ensuring the new infill is of high quality allows for a greater diversity of housing and lifestyle options within central parts of the city, which actually support existing infrastructure instead of demanding new infrastructure.”

As the conversation about infill development in Edmonton evolves, Manasc Isaac looks forward to future opportunities to establish responsible infill guidelines for the community. Stay tuned for further developments on The Muttart Lands, and other infill projects!