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Upcoming Interiors

picture of Upcoming Interiors

Not all of Manasc Isaac’s projects are architectural in nature; in fact, our Calgary studio specializes in beautiful, functional interiors. At the moment, we have several interior design projects that have our team, and our clients, buzzing.

Ferguson Glass specializes in complex and innovative curtain wall systems. Their upcoming office redesign/expansion will showcase their ability to challenge convention to create beautiful, unique details! By integrating colorful glass accents throughout the revamped space, the custom interior curtain wall systems evoke a sense of play and whimsy, while adding function and flexibility to the office layout. Collaboration spaces, natural light and added thermal comfort is going to create a striking workspace for the Ferguson team in Calgary.

Our Edmonton studio has a few remarkable interior design projects  on the go at the moment, too, include a bricks-and-mortar store for the delicious Prairie Noodle Shop and a certain high-end pâtisserie whose identity we’ll be revealing in the near future.

Stay tuned for more details about Manasc Isaac’s interior design projects!