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Brennan Black

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  • +1 780-429-3977 ext. 124

Intern Architect, AAA


Brennan is a creative, open-minded and enthusiastic Intern Architect. Having worked as a Communications Director, a Carpenter, and a Graphic Designer, his path to a career in architecture was circuitous, he states, but incredibly rewarding. “I’ve been fascinated with architecture for as long as I can remember," he says, “but I’m glad I came into the field when I had more life experience; I was much more intentional about my education.”

Brennan’s deep interest in sustainability and Indigenous ways of knowing form the foundation for his architectural practice. These two perspectives, he says, “are often simpatico.” He believes that a holistic perspective rooted in Indigenous understanding can offer much-needed solutions to environmental concerns, including, most urgently, our world’s current climate crisis.

Brennan strives for excellence in everything that he does. “I believe that anything worth doing should be done to the best of my ability.” At Reimagine, he appreciates being supported in all areas of his life, including in his roles as husband and father. Outside of work, you can find Brennan skateboarding, developing his art practice, and spending time with his family. “I identify more with skateboarding culture than with any other culture,” he says. “It’s something that I share with my kids as often as I can.”


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