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Located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, this building was originally built and used as a bank in the 1920’s, and later as a courthouse, before becoming what it is today: a city-owned cultural and community hub. After fifteen years of serving this purpose, essential upgrades were required, including an update of the space programming and its mechanical systems—all to be done on a very limited budget!


Openness, flow, inspiration and comfort. The Centre for Creative Arts breathes new life into this aged brick building, offering a delightful and robust functional space for art classes, exhibitions, receptions and myriad cultural and creative activities. The integrated design process updated the mechanical and electrical systems and the building envelope to create a truly beautiful and functional interior space.


The restrictive funding parameters of the project inspired exceptional creativity and resourcefulness. Reconsidering the colour palette of the finishes was one of the many strategies used to add life and vibrancy to the building. This simple change allowed the lighting engineer to reduce the number of light fixtures and emphasize natural day-lighting techniques. Mirrors were also integrated into the interior's design in order to reflect light further into the spaces. The reimagining of preexisting millwork, as well, cut down on expenses while creating a more sustainable and vibrant space.

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