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Demmitt is a small hamlet located in far northwestern Alberta, between Grande Prairie and Dawson Creek, B.C. Demmitt was in need of a community centre and cultural gathering place that would serve its immediate population and the surrounding communities for generations to come.


The Demmitt Cultural Centre presents a truly unique opportunity to create a building wholly through volunteer work. To ensure the success of the project, our team worked alongside Michael Rouke of Quiet Box Studio to provide drawings and directions that were sufficiently clear and understandable for a community-led approach. The Centre is environmentally sustainable and passively energized, facilitating a diverse range of programming that ranges from performances by northern Albertan musicians, to family reunions, to weddings.


The Centre features truly sustainable innovations and community-sourced materials, such as beetle-killed pine timber, grid-tied solar panels, repurposed gym flooring, and straw bales as insulation. The Cultural Centre is a testament to the innovative and collaborative spirit of the Demmitt people.

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